Honey, I leased a vineyard…

Every so often, an opportunity comes along that you simply can’t refuse to pass up.  In 2017, a long time friend in the winery biz called me with news that he had decided to shut down his winery and move out of state. He had a 2-acre vineyard that needed a caretaker. Would I be interested in taking over the vineyard operation and growing my own grapes?


Thus began the latest chapter in Aaronap Cellars. Yes, I admit that my darling wife was not quite as thrilled as I when I came home and told her that I had taken on a 3rd career. But, adjustments are made and she’s now just as proud as I when the plump clusters arrive at the winery after a day of picking.

The 2-acre vineyard was planted in 2013 with Marquette and Arandell vines, followed by an additional planting of Chambourcin vines in 2015.  These grapes have been specially bred by the viticulturists at the University of Minnesotta and Cornell University to produce premium grapes for red wines while surviving our cold New England winters. Located along Chace Hill Road in Lancaster, the vineyard sits on an old apple orchard hilltop that enjoys near constant breezes with warm summer sunshine promoting rich sugar development,

Many of you have thoroughly enjoyed our first estate releases of the 2017 Estate Marquette Rose and 2017 Estate Chace Hill Red. They are but the first of many estate wines!