There are times when I blush at reviews of my wines.  I do work extraordinarily hard to produce premium wines for our customers enjoyment and will readily admit that the guiding tastes are my own.  If I don’t like a wine, I have a very hard time offering it for sale.  My darling wife frequently reminds me that I am an open book…she can immediately tell whenever I try to skirt the truth a little.  Apparently, that’s one of the reasons that she married me, but I digress….

So, when I opened the March/April 2020 edition of Yankee Magazine, you can imagine how red my ears became as I read the review of our Forest Gold Maple Wine.  Late last year, the folks at Yankee Magazine reached out to me about including our maple wine in their upcoming edition that was focused on all things maple in New England.  Well…yeah!  So, off went some samples and details about the wine and I waited on pins-and-needles to see how it was received.

I’ll just let you read the review that appeared….

Notable New England Boozy Maple Brands

Forest Gold Maple Wine (5 stars)
Aaronap Cellars, Westford, MA

Imagine a cartoon chase sequence involving, I dunno, Bugs Bunny frantically feeding pineapple upside-down cakes into the hopper end of a lurching contraption that, for whatever reason, distills all that butter-caramel-edged, dry-heat-burnished tropical-fruit intensity and juiciness into something way more delicate: perchance, a bead of clove-kissed nectar daubed from a honeysuckle’s swollen stigma (but you know, enough for a 375 mL bottle). Wine maker Noel Powell coaxes as much nuance from Berkshire maples as some zillion-dollar French dessert wines get from pedigreed late-harvest grapes, and the result is especially good with aged cheddar.   –Jolyon Helterman, Yankee Magazine

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