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Forest Gold Mustard Glazed Salmon

Looking for ideas how to use our Forest Gold Maple Wine in food? A recent visitor suggested as a glaze for grilled salmon. Last night I discovered that my local Market Basket grocery store had some awesome salmon filets so I came home, set up the food lab in the kitchen, and went to work experimenting.

The results….well, taste for yourself!

Selling….the real fun begins!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook (and why aren’t you if not), you’ll know that that’s a much better source for late breaking news and updates from the winery.   For some strange reason, sitting down to write a blog post is hard to do amidst the daily tasks of running a winery […]

PS Project….What’s in a name?

Shhhh…did you hear there’s a new wine in town? I’m getting ready to release the 2012 PS Project, our first big, bold red wine, in the next month or two. I’ll readily admit that the name is a bit odd, but it’s a great example of the premise behind my winemaking at Aaronap Cellars. I view each wine as a series of projects combining art, history, & modern science to produce extraordinary wine. The PS Project is focused on featuring petite sirah as the star varietal in a big, full-flavored, & tannic red wine.

A Look Back at the 2013 Harvest

For those of you who have been following my old winemaking blog over on Blogspot (www.mawinemaker.blogspot.com), you’ll have read a few posts about the 2013 harvests and fermentation in the Aaronap Cellars winery. Now that our new website is up and running with a new blog specifically dedicated to the workings of Aaronap Cellars, I thought I’d provide a recap of last year’s winemaking efforts and share some of what’s been going on over the winter.