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The Making of Maple…..Wine!

One of our most distinctive wines is our Forest Gold Maple Wine.  You know the one…that thin, tall 375-mL bottle filled with that gorgeous golden brown liquid. Yep, that’s the one.  This wine throws a curveball for most folks.  Imagine….you’re walking along a normal farmers market…looking at the usual stuff–carrots, candles, bread, cucumbers, etc….and all […]

Our 1st Anniversary Wine Release

Wow!  Time flies when you aren’t paying attention. The extreme weather during the past (Thank God!) winter really upset my winemaking schedule and put me behind in shepherding our second vintage of wines into the bottle.  Instead of spending time in the winery working away, I found myself blowing and shoveling an awful lot of […]

The grapes are coming, the grapes are coming!

Summer is over. The days are getting shorter and cooler. Tree leaves suddenly started to turn colors this past week. All signs of the impending arrival of grapes at the winery! Usually the first grape to arrive towards the end of September is the pinot noir that I purchase from a vineyard in Westport, MA […]

Wine Blends–Scary, Crap, or Excellent?

As you’ve been perusing our list of available wines, one thing you’ll probably have noticed is that I make a lot of wine blends with only a couple of 100% varietal wines.  That’ll especially become apparent in the coming months as more red wines are introduced!  So what’s up with that?  Why blend?  Aren’t blends, […]